A Good Night for Classic Country Music

We’re expecting either a winter snow storm or an ice storm tonight. The weather forecasters don’t know which way it will go for us – either snow or ice, depending on the ground temperature when it starts falling. I live about a mile from the interstate and the forecast says that the interstate is probably going to be the dividing line of who gets snow and who gets ice. I’m on the ice side, according to them, so it’s not looking good for us. lol

What can you do? We filled up the vehicles with gas. We went to the grocery store and stocked up on fresh things and also canned things that can be eaten without a lot of preparation or water, in case we lose our electricity or in case the water pipes freeze. I took out the trash, closed all the storm windows to help keep the cold out, and we bought 6 extra canisters of propane for the grill and the portable heater.

Now all we can do is wait and see what happens. We ate, we showered, we got the laundry caught up. I think it will be a good night to play some old classic country songs and just snuggle on the couch and watch the fire dance for an hour so so before heading to bed. And I hope we wake up to a winter wonderland of snow – not ice.


Dog Hair Everywhere

My new girlfriend has a dog, which I don’t mind so much, but there sure is a lot of god damn dog hair everywhere at her house. You can’t sit down anywhere at her place without standing up and having to brush off hundreds of little white hairs. It’s crazy.

I guess if you have a dog of your own you get used to it or don’t mind so much, but I care about my appearance and clothes and I don’t like walking around with dog hair all over my damn clothes. I had to buy one of those rolling glue paper things to keep in the car and use on my pants before I get into the driver’s seat so the damn dog hairs don’t all over my car seats, too.

I wish there was some easy way to thoroughly clean up dog hair from people’s chairs and couches – and yes, even their beds. She lets this damn dog sleep in the bed with her. So the sheets and blankets have dog hair on them, too.

I don’t know – I really like this girl, but the dog hair is getting on my last nerve. I’m wondering if it is worth the mess. I guess we’ll find out soon. With the holidays coming up I don’t want to waste a lot of time and money on someone that isn’t going to stick around for a while. I’d rather break up before the holidays, if that’s how things are going to turn out.

Come as you are and chat with me

Bored and looking for something fun to do without leaving home? Well, girl, put those kids to bed and then come fire up the laptop and chat with me!

Chat is a great way to have some laughs, flirt with guys you like, and get your mind off your troubles. I try to get online at least once a week for an hour. I always have fun during a chat session and I look forward to the next time I can get online and meet new friends.

Some of my friends have used chat to meet people they end up meeting in real life and dating. That’s pretty cool to know that you don’t have to go to a bar to meet people and find someone special. After all, not everyone likes to go to bars, especially going alone.If you go to a bar with too many people, you scare off the guys who are shy about busting into a group and asking a certain special someone for a dance – or a date.

And not everyone wants to meet people in a bar environment. Chat makes it easy to meet new people and there’s no pressure to drink or dance or do anything you don’t want to do!

So, next time you have some spare time and want to have some fun, come online and chat with me!

Christmas Wishes and Blessings for Everyone

So here it is Christmas. I got all my shit done over the weekend and I’m ready for a couple of quiet days with family and good food.We are doing a pot luck dinner with relatives. That’s always good food – and we get both turkey and ham for Christmas. We’ll eat well. Let’s hope no one gets drunk or starts a fight. I want peace and fellowship this year and if things start getting crazy I’m going the fuck home.

I hope you have the same or better blessings than I do.

Merry Christmas.

Fucking Brake Light Comes On Today

Fuck my life.The brake light warning light just came on.

I have a shitload of errands to run and all kinds of things to do. Its almost Christmas, for Chrissakes. This is NOT the day I want to see any warning light come on my dashboard. The only good thing about my car besides it did start this morning, is that it has a tank full of gas. Maybe that was the curse I put on it – filling up the gas tank yesterday. So of course now something is going to break down and need repair work done. Having a full tank of gas probably put the whole system into shock.

There is no grinding or squealing sounds when I drive. I hope the brake light just means that its low on fluid. It should not be leaking any fluids, and the last time I had the oil changed at Valvoline they supposedly checked all the fluid levels and everything was supposed to fine. But who the fuck knows. With an older car, it’s always something breaking down. But the car is paid for and I don’t want a monthly payment for 4 years. I would rather keep this old junker car and throw a couple hundred dollars at it every once in a while than have to pay $400 a month forever for a new one.