Facebook Rave

I freakin love Facebook!  I stumbled onto this little bit of social media heaven about 9 years ago and quickly made Facebook “friends” with kids I’d gone to first grade with,  and some I’d known through all all of my school years.

I am Facebook friends with a lot of former co workers going back to my first job.  I get to see when babies are born,  when loved ones pass, their children’s school photos, and their vacation photos.

Yes, I get a little jealous of all the Aruba beach shots but I’m happy someone is able to enjoy the better things in life.

Most of all Facebook has kept me in touch with my family.  My cousins are spread around, and I’m able to “see” them or speak to them on a daily basis.  It’s also put me in contact with family I’ve  never known.  It’s been very cool to have Facebook “conversations” with an Aunt or First Cousin for the first time and find out about family history.

Another cool benefit is that it actually is another way to get in touch with people.  If for some reason you cannot contact someone by phone or email, you can contact them via Facebook Private messenger.  Many people have that download on their cell phones and will get your message right away!

Classic Cars

I miss the old classic cars we had when I was growing up.  My Mother had a ’56 Ford and her best friend had an almost matching ’55.  When I turned 16, I tried to learn to drive in my Mom’s car.  She only took me driving one time, and I went around a corner a little too fast and that was it for her.  I then actually learned to drive in my girlfriend’s Ford Falcon.

I worked hard as a waiter after school to save for my first car, and boy, was she worth it.  She was a ’66 Ford Mustang.  Dark Green with a black vinyl top.  The interior was all black vinyl as well.  It could get hot as hell in the summer time, and it had no air conditioning.  I loved her still.

I love Mustangs.  I used to go out and test drive the souped up Mustang Fastbacks.  Man, they had 8 cylinders and a whole lot of power.

My Father had a GTO.  You could hear him coming from down the street.  I wish I’d had the chance to drive that car, I bet it was fast.

The cars today just aren’t anything like the good old cars we had back in the day.

Thoughts on Hallelujah

Tori Kelly was on the Late Night Show with Seth Myers tonight. She has an album out called, Sing. But for the end of tonight’s show, she sang a fantastic version of the song, Hallelujah, written by the late Leonard Cohen.

This song was probably Cohen’s most popular and recognizable songs over his entire career. There have been several people singing this over the past couple of weeks, since Cohen just passed, November 2, 2016.

Cohen wrote the song back in 1984 and it wasn’t much of a hit when he released it on his own album. But then John Kale recorded it, and that inspired Jeff Buckley to record, and it took off from there.

It is a simple song, but can be sung with such emotion and feeling, that you feel your own heart swell up in your chest and I have to admit that sometimes I have to fight back tears. It is one of the most soul grabbing songs I have ever heard. I thank Leonard Cohen for ditching his promising literary career and writing songs. He will be missed.

A Good Night for Classic Country Music

We’re expecting either a winter snow storm or an ice storm tonight. The weather forecasters don’t know which way it will go for us – either snow or ice, depending on the ground temperature when it starts falling. I live about a mile from the interstate and the forecast says that the interstate is probably going to be the dividing line of who gets snow and who gets ice. I’m on the ice side, according to them, so it’s not looking good for us. lol

What can you do? We filled up the vehicles with gas. We went to the grocery store and stocked up on fresh things and also canned things that can be eaten without a lot of preparation or water, in case we lose our electricity or in case the water pipes freeze. I took out the trash, closed all the storm windows to help keep the cold out, and we bought 6 extra canisters of propane for the grill and the portable heater.

Now all we can do is wait and see what happens. We ate, we showered, we got the laundry caught up. I think it will be a good night to play some old classic country songs and just snuggle on the couch and watch the fire dance for an hour so so before heading to bed. And I hope we wake up to a winter wonderland of snow – not ice.


Dog Hair Everywhere

My new girlfriend has a dog, which I don’t mind so much, but there sure is a lot of god damn dog hair everywhere at her house. You can’t sit down anywhere at her place without standing up and having to brush off hundreds of little white hairs. It’s crazy.

I guess if you have a dog of your own you get used to it or don’t mind so much, but I care about my appearance and clothes and I don’t like walking around with dog hair all over my damn clothes. I had to buy one of those rolling glue paper things to keep in the car and use on my pants before I get into the driver’s seat so the damn dog hairs don’t all over my car seats, too.

I wish there was some easy way to thoroughly clean up dog hair from people’s chairs and couches – and yes, even their beds. She lets this damn dog sleep in the bed with her. So the sheets and blankets have dog hair on them, too.

I don’t know – I really like this girl, but the dog hair is getting on my last nerve. I’m wondering if it is worth the mess. I guess we’ll find out soon. With the holidays coming up I don’t want to waste a lot of time and money on someone that isn’t going to stick around for a while. I’d rather break up before the holidays, if that’s how things are going to turn out.