1 month till new tablets and smart phones to come out!

Just 1 more month until the new smart phones and tablet PCs come out that I am wanting to get come out on the consumer market and I have been waiting anxiously for quite sometime to get my hands on them running the new Driod mobile operating system that allows for up to 8 devices to run off my one smart phone which makes this phone almost like a mobile office for people like me! If the new tablet PCs run my other programs I could very well have a mobile office with me at all times and that is almost like heaven on earth to me!

But it got me to thinking what new tech device are you waiting for to hit the store shelves and why? Why would I ask such a question well there were over 2000 different tech gadgets at CES this year and I do not have all the time in the World to check and see them all so I am hoping some of my readers have seen something worth mentioning so i do not have to spend all the time finding it myself!

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