BBQ season is here

Fuck yea ! Warm weather, ice cold beer, and any kind of meat on the grill. I love warm weather and the good times we have in our back yard. The first good weekend for a back yard party has arrived and I am cooking today. My wife and I went to the grocery store days ago in preparation for today. We bought ribs, chicken, hamburger meat and hot dogs to go on the grill. My brother is bringing sausages too. The family is coming as well as our  closest friends and neighbors.

I warmed up the pool so that the water wouldn’t be too cold to swim in. The kids will really love that as well as the adults. It wasn’t very difficult to do as I have a thermal blanket for the pool. Once the weather turned warm, I just replaced the cover with the blanket and we are now cooking with gas. Not really, I prefer charcoal myself. Ha ha ! I know it was corny, but I couldn’t help myself. Time to crack a brew and get to cooking. The little woman has been in the kitchen all day and part of yesterday cooking all kinds of side dishes, so now it is my turn. Later gator.

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