Chat in the next decade!

Sitting back in my rocking chair I had a lot of time to sit back and think about the future of chat online for the masses and what I think is going to be happening online via people and robot chat. To start lets talk about the latest and greatest in chat available today online with free chat options such as messenger and icq. These services are already plauged by robots acting as real people but they are getting smarter and smarter and I believe over the next couple of years they will be able to control things to actually get the person horny via internet controlled sex toys attached to the user.

Already some porn films work with sex toys you plugin to your  computer and create the motion the actor is doing  in the video into the toy. With hologram television soon to be available to the masses we could see things like in the movie The 6th day where a virtual woman is able to do just about anything areal woman can do but with a twist, her wanting to sell you something as well.

As populations rise across the globe with higher male to female ratios in many nations robots that chat like real women will be in high demand and devices that stimulate and arouse will be in high demand in countries with these ratios.

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BobbyAugust 5th, 2011 at 10:22 pm

I think your right on with this and i look forward to chatting in the future with such devices.

MandyApril 9th, 2012 at 1:13 am

Yeah, this chat is a great idea!

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