Classic Cars

I miss the old classic cars we had when I was growing up.  My Mother had a ’56 Ford and her best friend had an almost matching ’55.  When I turned 16, I tried to learn to drive in my Mom’s car.  She only took me driving one time, and I went around a corner a little too fast and that was it for her.  I then actually learned to drive in my girlfriend’s Ford Falcon.

I worked hard as a waiter after school to save for my first car, and boy, was she worth it.  She was a ’66 Ford Mustang.  Dark Green with a black vinyl top.  The interior was all black vinyl as well.  It could get hot as hell in the summer time, and it had no air conditioning.  I loved her still.

I love Mustangs.  I used to go out and test drive the souped up Mustang Fastbacks.  Man, they had 8 cylinders and a whole lot of power.

My Father had a GTO.  You could hear him coming from down the street.  I wish I’d had the chance to drive that car, I bet it was fast.

The cars today just aren’t anything like the good old cars we had back in the day.