Daytona 500

Hell fuck yea ! I love Nascar and I am so totally stoked about this years season. All of my favorite drivers are amped and ready to go. Dale Jr has a new car that is going to win a few races I am sure, and Jeff Gordon is as he always is, confident and smiling. The 500 is on the twenty seventh of this month and the whole house is anxiously awaiting that race. Even the kids love Nascar, especially the boys. Everyone has their own favorite drivers, even my wife who is a die hard Earnhardt fan.

We both used to love his daddy Dale Sr and felt the shock of his death like everyone else, but we stand behind his son and root for him every year. People just don’t understand about Nascar sometimes, but fuck them if they don’t like it. It’s not a redneck sport anymore, it’s big money and lots of sponsors. You wouldn’t believe the ragging I have taken over the years for it, but that is slowly dwindling out as people realize that it is an amazing sport. I feel sorry for the people who missed the greatest drivers who ever lived by not accepting the sport sooner.

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