Don’t know about these kids

I really don’t know about these fucking kids. I cannot fathom where they get their ideas. Every time I turn on the news one kid has taken a gun to school and shot a bunch of their fellow students, or stabbed another kid or whatever. This is just fucking ridiculous. What happened to a good old fashioned fight? We used to just have a little tussle on the ground and then were best friends the next day. Now, the kids are just killing each other and anyone caught in the way. Our society has really gone to shit. It just doesn’t feel like the Good Ole US of A any more.

There are so many rules and so many strictures to follow that it makes it hard to just be yourself and work things out like normal people used to. My grandpa is probably spinning in his grave if he can see what is happening to the country he fought and died for. Our future is our children and they are neurotic now a days. I hope this world comes to it’s senses and people can just live like we are supposed to, but that is probably wishful thinking. I will cross my fingers though.

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