Facebook Rave

I freakin love Facebook!  I stumbled onto this little bit of social media heaven about 9 years ago and quickly made Facebook “friends” with kids I’d gone to first grade with,  and some I’d known through all all of my school years.

I am Facebook friends with a lot of former co workers going back to my first job.  I get to see when babies are born,  when loved ones pass, their children’s school photos, and their vacation photos.

Yes, I get a little jealous of all the Aruba beach shots but I’m happy someone is able to enjoy the better things in life.

Most of all Facebook has kept me in touch with my family.  My cousins are spread around, and I’m able to “see” them or speak to them on a daily basis.  It’s also put me in contact with family I’ve  never known.  It’s been very cool to have Facebook “conversations” with an Aunt or First Cousin for the first time and find out about family history.

Another cool benefit is that it actually is another way to get in touch with people.  If for some reason you cannot contact someone by phone or email, you can contact them via Facebook Private messenger.  Many people have that download on their cell phones and will get your message right away!