Favorite Brownies

My mom used to make the best brownies in the world. She almost never baked anything at all for desserts unless it was someone’s birthday. So when she would just out of the blue decide to make a batch of brownies it was a real special teat for us kids.

My mom cooked everything from scratch. Although there are many different kinds of brownie mixes on the grocery store shelves, she would walk right past all the Betty Crocker and Pillsbury boxes and go right to the baking chocolates and all purpose flour section.

The best brownies that I remember were baked in a huge Pyrex baking dish. The brownies were about a half inch tall and they were the perfect balance of gooey middle and flaky topping so that they didn’t fall apart into crumbs when you picked them up to eat. I like the chewy brownies, not the cake ones.

Its funny how picky some people are about their brownies. Some people will not eat them after they get cold or sit overnight. Other people like them with frosting, and some insist on an edge piece so they get the harder crust along one side. I’m not that damn picky – you bake it, I’ll eat it and I’ll appreciate it, too.

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