Grocery shopping

Grocery shopping used to be a blast, then I had kids and now it fucking sucks. Boy do they like to whine when we are in the store. They want everything on the shelves and god help you if you say no. Walmart is the worst place to take kids to because they have a toy section. We religiously avoid that particular side of the store as often as humanly possible. Once in a while though we fuck up and go over by that way to get something from sporting goods or the automotive section and the it is on.

I want, I want, I want is all you will hear. The only time we willingly go to the toy section is when Christmas is getting close, that way we can get an idea of what the kids want for Christmas. They tell us they want everything in every commercial at home, but taking a stroll through the toy store is a much better way to figure it out. Unfortunately for the kids, it is like a tease because we wont get them something. Sorry about ya, but you can wait till Christmas. I know it kind of seems cruel, but they end up with way more to open on Christmas day that way.

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