Heading Out to the Movies

Here we go – the first weekend for serious Christmas shopping. We ignored Black Friday around here and stayed in the house. I was able to avoid the mall yesterday, too. But today the Little Missus wants to go to the mall. In fact, she insists on going shopping at the mall today. So I agreed to drive us over there and then she can go shop all she wants because I’ll be in the movie theater watching a movie and relaxing.

The movie trailers for the new James Bond movie look really good. Since she doesn’t want to see the movie, I’m fine with letting her shop while I watch the movie. It’s called “Skyfall” and the new Bond is Daniel Craig. I like action movies, and I’ve liked all the Bond films. It will be interesting to see what Daniel Craig can bring to the role. Looking forward to it. But seriously not looking forward to the jammed up parking lot at Opry Mills and the awful crowds that will be clogging the aisles of the mall and the 100 plus stores that are desperate for selling as much as they for Christmas this year.

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