Papa is here!

Thats right papa has a brand new blog and looking now to get a brand new car but hey a free blog is just as good for now. i am a proud papa of one beautiful baby boy and i am looking forward to taking care of him and showing him the right way all threw his life and helping with everything along the way.

Making sure my kid or kids have a car at 16 and enough money for college is something on my mind already and he is just 2 years old but you have to start planning for these things now including all the cool clothes he is going to need as a teenager, lol.

I hope you lie my blog and will stick around for quite sometime to read my blog about everything going on in my life.

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DanJune 19th, 2008 at 4:35 pm

i am a rpoud papa to and i am looking forward to reading your blog and hope you will read mine sometime to.

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