Lab Coats on Pretty Women

There’s a comedy show on TV where a single guy is talking about wanting to move up in the dating world and a pretty woman comes into the lunch diner wearing a lab coat.Maybe you’ve seen this show – it comes on CBS and is about two cops. One of them is fat, the other is regular weight. They are both dating, but I get the feeling that the fat one got married. I don’t know _ I usually don’t watch the show and the couple of times I did watch it didn’t seem to have a continuous story line.

The guys get all excited that this woman must be a doctor. But there’s a discussion about that. One of them says that someone wearing a lab coat does not necessarily have to be a doctor. Some women wear lab coats to sell cosmetics behind the counter at department stores. And some women wear lab coats at the high end chocolate candy stores at the mall. Then there are optometrists and lab techs at the eyewear stores. And dentists and their assistants.

So the woman turns out to be an eye doctor and the guys go through some silly pranks to try to get her attention and maybe ask her out. She’s not interested and the one gets pretty huffy, stomping out and saying that the eyewear store is nothing more than a glorified Sunglasses Hut. The whole show had me rolling – it was funny stuff!

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