I know that this really will not come as a surprise to many. One of the Harry Potter actors, the kid who play Crabbe, Draco Malfoy’s bully pal is now going to prison. Apparently he was involved in the riots in London last summer. I guess no one told him that being an asshole on film was just a job and he was supposed to stop once the filming was over. He was caught with a fire bomb aka Molotov cocktail in his hands and was about to use it. They gave him two years in prison for it. He was apparently acquitted of other charges but not that one.

At 22 years old he has just really screwed his life up with stupid shit like so many others do. Considering all he had going for him, it was a majorly stupid move in my opinion. Also in the report, the actor apparently had previous charges of growing marijuana. All I can say is, fucktard. Why would anyone want to take part in a riot anyway? Really, what is the point?  It doesn’t get you anywhere. You end up in jail and look like a nut job in the end. What the fuck is that shit?

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