Mani’s and pedi’s for guys?

I couldn’t fucking believe what my mom got me as a gift. It is a manicure and pedicure for men at her favorite spa. I didn’t know that men did that at all. So she dragged me down there yesterday to make sure I would use the gift certificate she bought me. I was surprised that there were so many men there. I think most of them were doctor and lawyer types or business men, but I really did enjoy it. I spend a lot of time on my feet with work and the pedicure was amazing and so relaxing. I could actually get used to that.

I got to sit in a vibrating chair that massages you while the person doing the pedicure massages your feet and calves, before actually working on your toenails. That was one of the most relaxing things I have ever done. Now I understand why my dad goes to the spa with my mom every so often. I know that we guys tend to get a picture of what is and isn’t manly and it skews our judgement on things. I can officially say that I am hooked on this and plan to buy some of the gift certificates for some of my friends.

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