Never thought I would see the day

Max of Max Hardcore entertainment was convicted for selling hardcore adult videos threw the mail recently and as a result he may have to serve prison time. What this means is that any company selling videos that may be considered not up to community standards may be able to be prosecuted for selling them.

I am just now learning more about this conviction in a magazine and I wonder if he plans on appealing the verdict or what but right now there are a lot of places that sell videos of all types from sex to even what some community may consider to be less than its standards, scratching there heads and wondering if they are next on the list to be charged with this type of crime.

In some small towns in America like Mormon towns or other Church towns what is to stop them from passing similar laws and then the next thing you know people are getting locked up for selling videos that do not depict there god in a good light? When it comes to art it is like a god because it is in the eye of the beholder what is pretty or ugly and either you believe in it or you do not. So I never thought I would see the day in America where someone was locked up for selling art works or films that were not up to one communities standard in America because who knows what else is next.

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