Fucking Brake Light Comes On Today

Fuck my life.The brake light warning light just came on.

I have a shitload of errands to run and all kinds of things to do. Its almost Christmas, for Chrissakes. This is NOT the day I want to see any warning light come on my dashboard. The only good thing about my car besides it did start this morning, is that it has a tank full of gas. Maybe that was the curse I put on it – filling up the gas tank yesterday. So of course now something is going to break down and need repair work done. Having a full tank of gas probably put the whole system into shock.

There is no grinding or squealing sounds when I drive. I hope the brake light just means that its low on fluid. It should not be leaking any fluids, and the last time I had the oil changed at Valvoline they supposedly checked all the fluid levels and everything was supposed to fine. But who the fuck knows. With an older car, it’s always something breaking down. But the car is paid for and I don’t want a monthly payment for 4 years. I would rather keep this old junker car and throw a couple hundred dollars at it every once in a while than have to pay $400 a month forever for a new one.

Lab Coats on Pretty Women

There’s a comedy show on TV where a single guy is talking about wanting to move up in the dating world and a pretty woman comes into the lunch diner wearing a lab coat.Maybe you’ve seen this show – it comes on CBS and is about two cops. One of them is fat, the other is regular weight. They are both dating, but I get the feeling that the fat one got married. I don’t know _ I usually don’t watch the show and the couple of times I did watch it didn’t seem to have a continuous story line.

The guys get all excited that this woman must be a doctor. But there’s a discussion about that. One of them says that someone wearing a lab coat does not necessarily have to be a doctor. Some women wear lab coats to sell cosmetics behind the counter at department stores. And some women wear lab coats at the high end chocolate candy stores at the mall. Then there are optometrists and lab techs at the eyewear stores. And dentists and their assistants.

So the woman turns out to be an eye doctor and the guys go through some silly pranks to try to get her attention and maybe ask her out. She’s not interested and the one gets pretty huffy, stomping out and saying that the eyewear store is nothing more than a glorified Sunglasses Hut. The whole show had me rolling – it was funny stuff!

Good Chances for a White Christmas

The weather forecast for most of America is calling for a White Christmas. I think most people like the romantic notion of waking up Christmas morning and looking outside to see everything covered in white and big lazy snowflakes swirling around in the air. That is the stuff that movies are made of.

Truth is, about 60% of the country is already having snow this week. And the forecast is for a lot of precipitation this winter. So, with cold air and lots of precipitation, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that a lot of the country will have a white Christmas.

Personally, I don’t care what is going on outside on Christmas and I just hope the roads are clear and dry so that everyone who is traveling to see their families have a safe trip and no accidents.

Heading Out to the Movies

Here we go – the first weekend for serious Christmas shopping. We ignored Black Friday around here and stayed in the house. I was able to avoid the mall yesterday, too. But today the Little Missus wants to go to the mall. In fact, she insists on going shopping at the mall today. So I agreed to drive us over there and then she can go shop all she wants because I’ll be in the movie theater watching a movie and relaxing.

The movie trailers for the new James Bond movie look really good. Since she doesn’t want to see the movie, I’m fine with letting her shop while I watch the movie. It’s called “Skyfall” and the new Bond is Daniel Craig. I like action movies, and I’ve liked all the Bond films. It will be interesting to see what Daniel Craig can bring to the role. Looking forward to it. But seriously not looking forward to the jammed up parking lot at Opry Mills and the awful crowds that will be clogging the aisles of the mall and the 100 plus stores that are desperate for selling as much as they for Christmas this year.

Frost on the Pumpkins

First frost warning of the fall – tonight the temperatures are supposed to dip below 32 degrees. That means that all the houseplants that have been enjoying the great outdoors need to be brought inside for their safety. At my house, that is a huge project. Not only because I have a lot of plants that are in pots and need to be brought inside. But because inside is already jammed wall to wall with stuff and there is no place to put all these plants. They need to be close to windows so they still get all the sunlight – but I only have 3 windows in the whole fucking house that get any sunlight.

Looks like I’ll be shoving furniture around the living room from one side of the room to the other and cleaning out cobwebs and dust bunnies from stuff that has been sitting under the windows since March when I took the plants outside.