Stumbled Across More Sites

Sometimes it is good to type a URL into the browser address bar. Usually I just search Google for the link I want and click on the link instead of typing it or pasting it into the address bar. But when you hand type the URL there is always the chance that you will mess up and misspell the word and make a typo. And that is when things can get interesting. Just one letter difference can mean you go to the site that sells tee shirts or go to a site that shows tits and dicks. Those kinds of mistakes are OK – I like those kinds of surprises. Unless the boss is standing over your shoulder watching you. That kinda sucks. Unless the boss like the tits and dicks site, too. That’s when you write it down on a post-it note and slip it on his desk for him. LMAO

Today Calls for Crock Pot Chili

What a rainy gloomy day this is turning out to be. I have a huge craving for comfort food. I think I’ll run home and throw the fixings for chili into the crock pot so that when I get home tonight there will be good tasting, ass kicking chili waiting for me for dinner. Just a batch of cornbread or Johnny cakes and my dinner will be all about beating the blues.

My chili is always from scratch – none of those awful mixes full of chemicals and preservatives. I use a mixture of ground beef and chunks of chuck steak. If I have venison I like to toss in a pound of that. Tomatoes are a must – either crushed and diced. Onions. Chili powder and cumin, some jalepenos for the heat.  I might toss other things in there if I’m feeling generous, but that’s the basics and its ready to go in just 4-5 hours.

Hard to Type With a Hard On

Sometimes you have a job to do and it gets even tough with someone distracting you. Here I am typing away and trying to get a work assignment finished up and some slut is standing behind me pushing her little tits into my back and licking my ear.She’s having fun teasing me and who am I to stop her from having her fun?

I know she wants attention, but now it is becoming a contest of the wills. I just finished the work but I’m too stubborn to shut off the computer and take her to bed. I think I’ll keep typing blog posts and dragging it out a little longer. Let’s see how far she can go.

Cleaning the Fish Tank Out

When they told me that having an aquarium was a lot of work, I remember hearing the warning but blowing it off. What kind of work is involved is what they failed to mention. All of this changing out stinking water and scrubbing the sides of the glass is a real pain in the ass after the first few months have gone by.

The water from our city pipes must have a lot of algae in it, because the aquarium gets cloudy and the filter gets clogged up with green gunk really fast. The algae is probably a natural part of what is in water, but it makes it hard for fish to breathe when the algae is sucking all the oxygen out of the water. So that is my fight right now – trying to keep the water in balance against an algae bloom.

Favorite Brownies

My mom used to make the best brownies in the world. She almost never baked anything at all for desserts unless it was someone’s birthday. So when she would just out of the blue decide to make a batch of brownies it was a real special teat for us kids.

My mom cooked everything from scratch. Although there are many different kinds of brownie mixes on the grocery store shelves, she would walk right past all the Betty Crocker and Pillsbury boxes and go right to the baking chocolates and all purpose flour section.

The best brownies that I remember were baked in a huge Pyrex baking dish. The brownies were about a half inch tall and they were the perfect balance of gooey middle and flaky topping so that they didn’t fall apart into crumbs when you picked them up to eat. I like the chewy brownies, not the cake ones.

Its funny how picky some people are about their brownies. Some people will not eat them after they get cold or sit overnight. Other people like them with frosting, and some insist on an edge piece so they get the harder crust along one side. I’m not that damn picky – you bake it, I’ll eat it and I’ll appreciate it, too.