Pissy mood

Everyone is in a pissy mood lately. I am really tired of it too. I am tempted to just  say fuck it and take the wife and kids out of town for the weekend and have done with it. That is the best idea I have had in a while. I think I will do exactly that. Now, where to go? The weather man says it is going to be sunny all weekend with mild temperatures, so I think we will go to Holiday World. The kids just love that place and we can spend some quality time as a family.

I might even invite my asshole brother to go and bring along his family too. I am joking when I call him an asshole because I love him dearly. He is my younger brother though and can annoy the shit outta me. I take it all in stride though. My wife is going to be happy about this decision, because she has been hinting about getting away for a month now. I think I will make the reservations now so that I don’t have to worry about anything later on besides packing the car and driving. Have a great weekend people.

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