Server issues

Every time I turn around there is some kind of fucking server issue. I don’t mean just on here, I mean on any site I go to lately. I can be on Facebook and have server issues. It gets really annoying sometimes, because I only have so much time to dedicate to the net, after that there is real life to attend to and I end up behind on what I need to do in a day. Yes I have online work to do, not just playing around.

I have checked to make sure that it is not my connection and it is not. That didn’t help the problem. Oh well, I guess I will do some repair work around the house. It is raining outside and any yard work I had planned is scrapped as well. I am wondering if I should just say to hell with this shit and take the day off to laze around the house. I suppose I can do that after I do the small things I need done inside. I am going to fix that leaky pipe and the loose door on the cabinets and then find my remote to the TV and veg.

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