Sleeping bag hammock

I have got to get me one of these. This is too fucking cool. It is a hammock that has a matching sleeping bag that wraps around it and zips you up into it. Preventing you from falling out and keeping you warm at the same time. Awesome for those hiking trips in the mountains where the temperature drops at night time. There is only one draw back, the price. At $179 this baby is expensive. Although I have no doubt that it is worth it, I am not sure I want to pay that much money for one. After all, its a sleeping bag.

Some things are just over priced because they are a new fad. I can only hope that the price come down, or another company copy cats it and sells for less money. I am sure that by this time next year there will be a bunch of them on the market. I bought new bags last year for us, so I will not be buying this year, but I will keep these in mind for next year and see what they are going for at that time. Anyway, time to get my ass off of here and get some shit done around the yard.

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