Super Bowl

Super Bowl Sunday is almost here and the lineup is fantastic. I have always loved the Giants and hope to hell they win the Super Bowl this year. The Patriots are all fucktards as far as I am concerned, even if they did make it. I think I am going ot invite some of the guys over for the game next weekend. Pizza and beer are on the menu as well as whatever else I run across when I hit the store this week. My big screen TV has been moved into the living room and out of the den. This will give me more room for the guys.

I love this particular weekend because it is a total guy weekend. Even the wives of my friends either get into it or disappear so we can do our thing. Mostly they go to the mall and spend money, having their own girly day shit. Whatever they do, I don’t care, so long as it doesn’t interrupt the game. I’m not saying it to be ab asshole, just being honest. I gotta make sure Davy doesn’t get stuck with his kids either. Last year they whined and cried all through the game and it wasn’t fair to them or us. Hopefully their mother takes them with her or stays at home with them.

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