The Giants Win

I am so happy that the Giants fucking won the Super Bowl. They are definitely my favorite team. It was an awesome game with a lot of great action. The wife took off with the kids and the guys and I watched the game in peace with no interruptions. I was in heaven. We had beer and pizza as well as other snacks to munch on as we watched an amazing game on the big screen TV. Personally I think it was better then actually being at the game, because we could see better. The instant replays showed a lot of mistakes made by the Pats that allowed us to take the game.

I am already looking forward to next season though and kind of sad that this one is over. No more Monday night football for months really sucks ass. That is okay though, because Nascar is starting and Sunday is Race Day till November. What? A mans gotta have something to keep him occupied. If not for football and Nascar we would be bored year round. I also happen to have a very understanding wife, which makes a big difference. Otherwise, I would be screwed. I gotta love that !

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