Thoughts on Hallelujah

Tori Kelly was on the Late Night Show with Seth Myers tonight. She has an album out called, Sing. But for the end of tonight’s show, she sang a fantastic version of the song, Hallelujah, written by the late Leonard Cohen.

This song was probably Cohen’s most popular and recognizable songs over his entire career. There have been several people singing this over the past couple of weeks, since Cohen just passed, November 2, 2016.

Cohen wrote the song back in 1984 and it wasn’t much of a hit when he released it on his own album. But then John Kale recorded it, and that inspired Jeff Buckley to record, and it took off from there.

It is a simple song, but can be sung with such emotion and feeling, that you feel your own heart swell up in your chest and I have to admit that sometimes I have to fight back tears. It is one of the most soul grabbing songs I have ever heard. I thank Leonard Cohen for ditching his promising literary career and writing songs. He will be missed.