Today Calls for Crock Pot Chili

What a rainy gloomy day this is turning out to be. I have a huge craving for comfort food. I think I’ll run home and throw the fixings for chili into the crock pot so that when I get home tonight there will be good tasting, ass kicking chili waiting for me for dinner. Just a batch of cornbread or Johnny cakes and my dinner will be all about beating the blues.

My chili is always from scratch – none of those awful mixes full of chemicals and preservatives. I use a mixture of ground beef and chunks of chuck steak. If I have venison I like to toss in a pound of that. Tomatoes are a must – either crushed and diced. Onions. Chili powder and cumin, some jalepenos for the heat.  I might toss other things in there if I’m feeling generous, but that’s the basics and its ready to go in just 4-5 hours.

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