Top Gear – Brits vs Americans

Watched Top Gear off and on this past year on the BBC channel. Its a great show – love it. I just forget to go to that channel enough. Its about 3 guys who aren’t really friends but have huge personalities and go into competitions with different vehicles. I’m not describing it more than that – you just have to trust me that its damn good.

To my surprise I found there is an American version of that same show, with 3 different guys as hosts, on the History channel for some reason. WTF this show has to do with history – I couldn’t tell you.

The Americans Top Gear sucks. Don’t even waste your time and please don’t hold these losers against the show if you have never seen the British version yet.  The American guys are too young, too gay, have no personality, and the competitions are lame – the whole show sucks ass.

Hollywood could fuck up a wet dream.

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