Working on my Hot Rod

I have a truck that I have had in the garage for a couple of years now. This truck is fucking awesome. I have been steadily putting whatever money and time I can spare into it. My young son helps me as much as he can, but he is still a little guy. He hands me the tools though and asks me all kinds of questions about what “we” are doing. He remembers a lot of it too. He is just like his pop, a back yard mechanic. I have no doubt we will be building his first car or truck in the very garage in a few years.

My old Ford will be done in a few months. I have rebuilt it from the bottom up. I only have a few things to do to it before I take it to a body shop for a bad ass paint job. I am going to take it to the track out on highway 12 and see how it runs before I have it painted though. Just in case, you know? I don’t want to wreck it after I get it painted, and I want to put it on the track at least once.

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